Hands Program

Hands Program


(Hire A Neighbour’s Daughter or Son)



The CCA’s HANDS Program (Hire a Neighbour’s Daughter or Son) looks to link those in the community who need odd jobs done with eager and able youth members searching for work experience during the late Spring and Summer months.

The HANDS program is in place to provide young people, ages 14 to 25, in our community a chance to gain work experience and enhance their skills while assisting Corkery residents in finding local talent.  The program can also help youth in the community gain their community service hours through volunteering in Corkery.

Typical jobs will be based upon age. For the older participants (i.e. 18-25) jobs may include landscaping, renovations, construction, technical support (computers), and tutoring. Other possibilities for all ages include babysitting, yard work, dog-walking, house cleaning, gardening, as well as other jobs.


If you are a youth in the community interested in participating in the program, please fill out the application form.  


If you have a job in the community and need help, please review the list of youth here and contact them directly to arrange the work.


If you have any questions, please contact the hands coordinator at:  handscoordinator@corkerycommunity.ca


Youth Registration Forms:

HANDS Information Sheet

 19-25 Registration Form

Youth Registration Form


Please click here for our Current List of Young Workers!