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Town & Country Water Systems

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Town & Country Water Systems has been serving the Ottawa area since 1989 and pride ourselves in providing high quality water treatment equipment for both domestic and commercial uses.  Our philosophy has been to provide our customers with:

   ·         Best available products.

   ·         Most recent technology.

   ·         Highest quality and durability.

   ·         One of the best warranty in the business.

   ·         The best service.

A team of water treatment professionals with many years of experience complements these benefits. Our satisfied customers are the key to our success.

Town & Country Water Systems carry a wide range of water treatment units. Starting with water softeners, we have all sizes and these units provide soft water for personal cleaning, they protect your plumbing and appliances, clothes are cleaner as well as last longer, and your house cleaning is easier.

Town & Country Water Systems carry many types of filters. Chemical free filters, which boast one of the highest performances for removal of ferrous iron, sulphur and manganese, are an excellent option. Town & Country Water Systems carry Reverse Osmosis Units, Tannin Removal Units, Ultraviolet Disinfection, Chlorination Systems, PH Correction and we are virtually able to provide treatment for most water problems. 

Town & Country Water Systems is licensed with the Ministry of the Environment as a water well contractor and has fully licensed water well technicians.  Member with the Ontario Ground Water Association.

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