Meet the Leadership Team

Meet the Leadership Team



Meet the people who form the engine that keeps the Corkery Community Association running!

(They are all Volunteers)









President - Katherine Woodward

Past President - Bob McCormick

Vice-President - Andrew McIsaac

Secretary - Gill Foss

Treasurer - Deborah Bernhardt

Garden Club - Marcia Blom

Playgroup - Emily Fraser

Rink Boss - Bob McCormick & Andrew McIsaac

Soccer - Brian Jones

Yoga - Christine Bois

Webmaster - Mike Lepard

Ball Hockey - Corey Wendelken

Hockey Day in Corkery - Sloots Team

Family Day in Corkery- Katherine Woodward

Clean up Corkery Day- Andrew McIsaac

Canada Day- Patricia Roy-Papineau

H.A.N.D.S. - Jelle Blom

Newsletter - Patricia Roy-Papineau