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We are a dynamic group of volunteers who have a lot of fun by working together. We believe that "Many hands" do indeed "Make Light Work".  If you want to see what sort of activities we run because of the enthusiasm of our volunteers, just continue to check out the activities and events listed on this website. But, we always need more help - because there is always so many things we want to do.

There are many opportunities to contribute to running our recreation programs and events.  We welcome new volunteers to help make our events successful. If you have a particular interest, hobby you wish to share, or talent you wish to pass on, please let us know.

We have tried to organize our volunteers so that you can choose whether to volunteer for just a few hours a month (for example - on the executive),  just for a few hours now and then ( just as helping with our gardens) or on a particular day, such as Spring Clean up Day or Canada Day. 

By having volunteers, we are able to provide many community events at little cost to our residents. 

We depend on the help of our volunteers who:

Please join in, have some fun and help in our community!  Contact us to volunteer at:


Current Needs:

  • Help with Canada Day event 

 Build Picnic Tables- Labour Only